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June Intensive Real Estate Workshop

  • Downers Grove Office Downers Grove, IL 60515 USA
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LIVE Event - The Intensive Real Estate Workshop

Bold. Relevant. Intense. The Intensive Real Estate Workshop gives you expert insight into today’s hottest real estate topics. Our featured educators are professionals who practice the strategies and philosophies they teach— arming you with essential information for profitable real estate investing in the current market. Join like-minded entrepreneurs in your quest for wealth through real estate at our upcoming Intensive. No matter what the focus— short sales strategies, seller financed notes, or other powerful subject—you will discover why our monthly Intensive is “your way to wealth and prosperity.”

This is an all day event. Guests are invited to attend in person, or via internet (webinar). You are required to register before being allowed to enter the room due to limited availability. This event can build, or build onto your real estate investing foundation!


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